As you probably know, your company’s equity is the ownership of your startup. You use a captable, the table outlining the distribution of a startup’s shares — but it can’t be done just any old way! If it’s not handled correctly, it can be a problem for your startup’s future…

Introducing the IRM and why it’s crucial for your seed round

Fundraising for your startup is no easy task. It’s even harder if you’ve never done it before! Investors go through the process multiple times per year, so the person you have on the other side of the table is an expert. …

4 Cornerstones Behind 0 Sick Days in 2020

As an entrepreneur and founder, the growth of your startup depends on you.

Productivity is important! The more productive you are the more product you can build, or the more customers you can speak to, or whatever else you need to do right now to grow your startup.

However, if you are away and can’t work things just stop all together (unless, of…

Melinda Elmborg

Accelerator Co-Lead at Fast Track Malmö guiding startup founders to build, grow and raise capital for their startup. Forbes 30 Under 30. Former VC @Daphni.

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